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What the Media is Saying

When it was released in 2001, ‘Summer Catch’—Hollywood’s portrayal of the Cape Cod Baseball League—brought wide exposure to what many insiders call the nation’s best amateur league. But as far as capturing the spirit of the league, most locals concede the filmmakers didn’t quite get it. The teen flick, starring Freddie Prinze Jr., wasn’t even filmed here—it was filmed in North Carolina. Many say ‘Touching the Game,’ a new documentary about the Cape’s baseball league, gets it right.

—Kevin Dennehy of The Cape Cod Times, 7/20/04

The DVD is a wonderfully entertaining documentary about not only the league and players, but about the folks who support them. From mid June to mid August, the games attract throngs of fans young and old, tourists and locals. ‘Touching the Game’ captures the love of the game in an almost poetic way.

—Maggie Kulbokas of Cape Cod Today, 2/3/05

With its town teams, amateur players and beautiful setting, the Cape Cod League offers a fine example of baseball as Americana. ‘Touching the Game’ offers some laughs and some tears and plenty of warm and fuzzy moments in its 1 hour 39 minutes...But the film also offers plenty of baseball for the most interested fan.

—Jim Luttrell of The New York Times, 7/23/04

‘Touching the Game’ succeeds in conveying the strong emotional connection between the players and the community and the genuine affection everyone involved has for the Cape Cod League—and baseball

—Alex Kimball of The Los Angeles Times, 7/26/04

You don’t have to like baseball to enjoy the new documentary ‘Touching the Game,’ which captures the essence of the historic Cape Cod Baseball League. But if you do, it will be an extra-special treat. (Touching the Game) crisply captures the summertime atmosphere of the Cape and the role baseball plays there.... From eye-catching overhead shots of the fields and beaches to personable fan shots, the camera always seems to record the perfect Cape images, and is handled lovingly and thoughtfully.

Written in Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/12/04

What Customers Are Saying

Touching the Game captures the history of the Cape Cod Baseball League exactly the way my father talked about it and I experienced it! My Dad (Curly Clement) spent many hours umpiring in the League and I remember listening to many of the stories that he had to tell. The Cape Cod Baseball League is the best!

—Gail Wiley

You are to be congratulated on this fine piece of art. Your depiction of what takes place every summer on our beloved Cape Cod...The CCBL, is the best work ever produced representing the League, and the extras DVD on the Cape in general is very gratifying. I encourage anyone who loves baseball to purchase this...it is truly representative of the number one NCAA sanctioned College Summer Baseball League in America. At $20 it is a real bargain and a keeper of baseball memorabilia.

—Ron Conte, Ex. Dep. Comm., CCBL

My husband and I loved Touching the Game! It was a hit for a gift. I bought a copy for my uncle as well. I know he will enjoy it, as we are all big baseball fans and love going to the games on the Cape. I would suggest this DVD to everyone.

—Megan Panek

Touching the Game is awesome. We first watched it on WB over the summer and were totally absorbed in the world of these young players and the Cape Cod baseball world. The film captures the essence of these talented players as they live their dream of ultimately playing professional baseball. The devotion of the Cape Cod families and fans that support these players is tremendous. Thanks for opening this world up to baseball lovers who were unaware of this magical summer phenomenon.

—Anne Romney

I grew up summers on the Cape and remember seeing guys like Will Clark and Jeff Reardon playing down there. The Cape League was pretty big back then, but has climbed to new levels today, and Touching The Game gets it right. I loved the human interest stories from the summer of 2003, and look forward to seeing if any of these players make it to the Major Leagues. And the stories from such baseball luminaries as Nomar Garciaparra, Todd Helton, Frank Thomas, Buck Showalter and Jeff Bagwell are classic!

—Lee Roberts