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MLB Players in the Film

There are over 80 former Alaska League players and Coaches currently in the Major Leagues. The filming of Touching The Game, Alaska, the documentary crew traveled around MLB Spring Training sites and other locations meeting with and interviewing more than 30 of these players and coaches about their experiences in Alaska.

Counsell Ellsbury Ryan Weaver Wilson Young

The following MLB Players appear in the Film.

MLB Player ABL Team 2006 MLB Team Where Are They Now?
Heath Bell Bucs Padres Padres
David Bush Goldpanners Brewers Brewers
Craig Counsell Miners Brewers Brewers
J.D. Drew Oilers Red Sox Red Sox
Jacoby Ellsbury Pilots Red Sox Red Sox
Keith Foulke Bucs Red Sox Retired
Jason Giambi Goldpanners Yankees A's
Jed Lowry Miners Red Sox Pawtucket (AAA-Red Sox)
Ryan Ludwick Pilots Cardinals Cardinals
Brendan Ryan Goldpanners Cardinals Cardinals
Mark Teahen Oilers Royals White Sox
Jered Weaver Bucs Angels Angels
C.J. Wilson Bucs Rangers Rangers
Michael Young Goldpanners Rangers Rangers
Terry Francona Goldpanners Red Sox (Manager) Red Sox (Manager)
Brad Mills Oilers Red Sox (Bench Coach) Astros (Manager)
Dave Magadan Goldpanners Red Sox (Hitting Coach) Red Sox (Hitting Coach)
Dave Winfield Goldpanners Padres (VP) (MLB Hall of Fame) Retired/ESPN Analyst (MLB Hall of Fame)
Tom Seaver Goldpanners Retired (MLB Hall of Fame) Retired (MLB Hall of Fame)