Touching the Game – Cape Cod players on the move

We usually do a “Where are they now?” on the players in our Touching the Game films twice a year, at the start and finish of the baseball season, but this winter has been a busy one for some of the CCBL alumni.  Here’s who will be wearing new caps this spring.  Sam Fuld has been traded from the Chicago Cubs to the Tampa Bay Rays as part of the big Matt Garza deal.  Justin Maxwell has been traded to the New York Yankees.  Maxwell had a few chances to break into the Washington Nationals outfield the past couple seasons, but injuries and hitting slumps have hindered his progress.  Maybe a change of scenery will get him going. Andy Laroche ran into the same issues (injuries and hitting) for the Pittsburgh Pirates last season.  He has signed a minor league deal with the Oakland A’s and will be at their big league camp.  Jeff Frazier who made it to the majors last season in Detroit, has signed with the Washington Nationals.  Brandon Boggs has moved on from Texas to Milwaukee, signing a new deal with the Brewers, and Matt Macri who was in the Minnesota Twins system, has signed with the Colorado Rockies.

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