Alaska photography coming to an end!

Well, we’re coming close to wrapping principal photography on the Alaska Film, heading out to Arizona and L.A. in the next weeks to interview a number of current Major Leaguers, as well as the last of the Hall of Famers on our list. Then the schedule calls for one last trip to AK in early summer for pickup shots & aerials.

    Many of you have sent e-mails about Pre-sales of the film. We would love to Pre-Sell the film, but until we determine the festival route, we can’t, which is really a shame, because small, independent documentary productions can always use capital.

We haven’t scheduled a release date yet, but that will happen later in the Summer.  We may have an opportunity to premiere at one of the larger festivals, which would be great for everyone, but which means we can’t schedule release yet.To that end, we have received the help of many individuals and organizations so far in the making of the film, and we continue to receive inquiries about contributing to the film in a variety of ways. The most popular seems to be through one of the “Tax Deductible” contribution methods we’ve established. Each of the Alaska Baseball League Teams is a Non-profit 501(c)3 organization and we have structures in place whereby the Team takes the contribution directly and passes on a portion to us for the production of the film. If you are interested in being a part of the making of this film, please take a look at the “For Investors” page , and/or contact us directly and we can discuss in more detail.Stay Tuned….The trailer for the 4th of July in Anchorage should be on the site shortly, along with updates on the League and Players .

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