Cape Cod Film Update

It’s been 3 years since we released Touching The Game, The Story of the Cape Cod Baseball League, and we are still receiving compliments on our work. The documentary has won a couple film festival awards and tremendous critical acclaim, and the DVD is still selling consistently on the web site, at the ballparks on the Cape and through selected retailers.

If you are here deciding on whether to purchase the film, take a look at our video clips section for the trailer and a couple other clips from the film.

CCBL fans love to follow the progress of past players as they make their way to the Major Leagues. We now have two pages of the site dedicated to the players in our film (MLB Players and Cape Players), and actually had our first featured player from the summer of 2003 make it to the Majors (Wareham’s Andy Laroche was called up by the Dodgers in May).

We will continue to have updates on the players and the success of the film in coming months.

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